Download Boom Beach For Windows 10

Download Boom Beach For Windows 10

Developed by Supercell, also Android game publisher like Clash of Clans or Hay Day, Boom Beach is a management and strategy game in which you have to build a base and launch attacks on beaches and win the victory. As is the case with the games mentioned above, Boom Beach is now available on PC thanks to Bluestacks. Everything takes place in a contemporary era focused on the army instead of a fantastic universe.

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Building and attacking

In Boom Beach you have two missions: enlarge your base and attack other hidden bases in a big archipelago. Of course, before you start you have a tutorial that is presented to you to know how it works.


Be aware, however, that in your base the most important building is the Headquarters. If an enemy army succeeds in destroying it, it will win the fight. Arrange to protect him by using sniper towers, a machine gun, a mortar. When the headquarters wins levels you will have access to other buildings.

After securing your base, you can launch an attack and conquer several islands around your camp. You have to do this, your computer to control attacks or other players.

The army lands on the beach and then attacks the building which is ready with a fire in hand. In fact it is a default attack, but you can also modify it. Your destroyer parked in the bay will also allow you to shoot at your enemies.

Differently from Clash of Clans, where you have the opportunity to fight against other clans, in Boom Beach you fight alone Lead an epic war by launching attacks against several bases managed by the Black Guard. Boom Beach plunges you directly into World War II because of the contemporary environment.

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You can also attack the bases of other players and take advantage of their spoils of war. Throw your troops against the enemy bases to attack paradise islands recovered by the enemy, deliver natives enslaved and discover the unknown parts of the archipelago. Battle your enemies to defeat their evil plans and start using the powers of ancient statues hidden in the islands.

Interesting graphics

The graphics and sound effects of Boom Beach are beautiful. It is impossible to find faults. It’s possible to zoom in on the base you and others inspected to see your avatars and buildings in detail.

How to install Boom Beach on a PC?

To install Boom Beach on your PC you need to download a PC-based Android game emulator called Bluestacks. To do this, download and install the emulator. Then look for Boom Beach with the search tool and follow the steps to install it. Finally launch Boom Beach on your PC to play.

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