Download aMSN For Mac OS

Download aMSN For Mac OS


aMSN or the MSN Messenger for Mac is an instant messaging software that you can install on your mac to chat with your friends wherever they are at any time provided they have a reliable internet connection. aMSN offers tabbed chat windows, support for group chat, webcam support, fast file transfer.
Several emoticons allow you to brighten your discussions, to be alerted by events, you can use avatars to enrich the exchanges, send delayed messages and voice messages.

Several features

aMSN allows the connection of multiple accounts, the addition of multiple skins and plugins, it has support for the MSN Mobile service. To avoid being cluttered during discussions, you can have several tabs and navigate between different pages to chat with your loved ones. And these pages can be customized easily. If you also want to activate the French version, from aMSN you have to go through the menu Tools> languages, then close and restart aMSN for the changes to be applied. The other asset of aMSN is that it supports video to chat with your loved ones and see them in real time. You also have features that give you the opportunity to know if you have been blocked and by whom, to see the contact who removed you from his contact list, to resume the avatars of the correspondents. Download aMSN.

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