Download BlueStacks For Windows 10

Download BlueStacks For Windows 10



BlueStacks is an emulator that lets you test or run Android applications on a PC without any problem. It offers an option that synchronizes with smartphones. With BlueStacks you will be able to access the application sharing sites for the Android and iOS platform. Downloading, installing and running applications in .apk format on a PC will also be possible with this emulator.


You can adjust the emulated tablet with this software according to your choice. It is possible to make several configurations such as display mode, volume enhancement. You can set the date format, the language used.

Apart from setting the parameters, BlueStacks can have several themes to customize the application. To do this, you must download themes online or use your personal photos available in the library of your PC.

This application can also match the information stored on portable devices with that contained in the hard disk. But you can also use remote servers.

How to install BluesStacks on a PC?

Simply search for BlueStacks on the reference sites or on the search engines and install it (The download link is also available at the bottom of this article). When opening BlueStacks, type the name of the application you are looking for and install there. And when you start using it, the app will ask you if you have an Android phone. If so, you can associate it with the software and synchronize the applications, the data relating to your account.

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For cons, if you phone is not an Android phone, do not panic! Because you will be able to download applications and use them as you wish.

In a few minutes it will be possible to run any Android or iOS application on your PC. You will be able to do this with the cursor of your mouse. For example you can play several free games from your PC like Clash of Clans, download WhatsApp and chat with your loved ones ….

Thanks to the options of the emulator it will be possible to configure the language of your device, make the choice of acceleration, managed with the arrow keys, which can be practical especially during games games.

Several applications accessible via Bluestacks

In fact, Bluestacks will give you access to over 750,000 free apps that you can download from Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore.

Depending on the application that Bluestacks will run, a list of proposed Android apps changes on the right side of the interface. A button at the bottom right gives you the possibility to access the settings to change the language, uninstall unwanted applications ….

Office program, Bluestacks gives you the opportunity to access the applications available on Google Play, it offers an easy to learn interface and especially free. Finally, BlueStacks is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7. Download free BluesStacks

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