Download Candy Crush Saga For Windows 10

Download Candy Crush Saga For Windows 10

Welcome to the world of confectionery with Candy Crush Saga. It’s a mobile game of association and a puzzle. In this game you have to make candy combinations vertically or horizontally. Very interesting, Candy Crush Saga is also playable on PC thanks to Bluestacks. Thus, you will evolve through 400 levels.

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The game gets tougher as you go. So you have to make identical candy alignments to get the most points. You can make combos that will give you the opportunity to get bonuses. Note, however, that in Candy Crush Saga goals vary depending on the level. It will be possible for example to go down the fruits or to remove the gelatin.


Aside from the four hundred levels, you’ll discover multiple worlds and your score will increase by aligning three identical candies that you will then explode.

For example, you have the world of dreams that invites you to cross 65 levels in the company of Odus, a new character. However, to reach this level, you have to cross the 50 levels that Candy Crush Saga offers. After synchronizing the game with your Facebook account, you can play from your account on your PC or another mobile.

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With this function you can redeem your points. You will also be able to access the ranking to know the score of your friends. Candy Crush Saga is a free game and offers a clear and easy to learn interface. Finally, access to certain levels and obtaining certain objects will pay off.


How to install Candy Crush Saga on a PC?

It all starts with downloading and installing an application that emulates Android and iOS games on PC (We recommend BlueStacks which is available here ). Once you have downloaded it, you must install it. Download Candy Crush Saga and install on your PC.

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