Download Celestia For Mac OS

Download Celestia For Mac OS



Celestia is a software that lets you explore 3D space. It is a simulation software that allows to visualize the space live and to visit the solar system in all its aspects, according to the chosen speed and the courses.

Developed by Chris Laurel, Celestia not only gets you out of the galaxy, it delivers high-quality, high-quality images.

Here are some characteristics of Celestia

In fact, Celestia allows you to visit the nine planets of the solar system, move directly and see them. You can visit the land at thousands of km / h, slowly, strolling in the clouds in a ship, hovering over the oceans. Celestia also allows you to admire the different colors admirable, fly on planets like Saturn and quickly pass the time, explore the frozen desert of Pluto, discover a fleet of Borg Cubes aboard the USS Enterprise E. Celestia in any case promises you many discoveries and can give you a passion for astronomy ..


Note that Celestia can be installed on a Mac OS X 1.3 with a RAM of 512 MB. But, Celestia consumes significant 3D graphics resources and uses OpenGL which shows better performance for several years. Also, if you have problems with the program, you must uncheck the “Ring Shadows” by going to the Celestia> Preferences menu and edit Celestia.cfg: delete the # in front of the IgnoreGLExtensions [“GL_ARB_vertex_program”] line, near the end of the file. To access this file, go to Applications> Right-click or Ctrl + Click Celestia> View Package Contents> Contents> Resources> Celestia Resources. Celestia displays a clear and intuitive interface, it is easy to handle and astronomy fans should rejoice in using it.

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