Download Discord For Mac OS

Download Discord For Mac OS




Compatible with Mac OS, Discord is a communication tool that allows you to send and receive instant messages as you can with other programs such as Skype, Mumble or TeamSpeak. But the only difference between these software and Discord is that it is created for online players.

Now, they have a tool of their own because they can play safely through a server / client communication and exchange all types of multimedia files without being worried by all forms of attacks.

Discord is also a free voice tool, also running on a web browser.

Creating an account

To use, Discord you must create an account before to keep your preferences and use it as you wish.

Discord includes a server with several unique features such as the announcement of automatically published news, an ingenious chat, a bot, a music bot and is able to manage more than 4000 connected in real time.

Different possibilities

Discord offers so many features like sending private messages, group messages, make a private call or group. You can connect with your Twitter account, Blizzard, Youtube, Steam, Twitch and will synchronize your contact list on Discord. And if you have a subscription on some channels Twitch can enjoy privileged access on Discord servers and specific emotes on multiple servers. Discord also allows you to pin some messages that you could not read, to search for messages or information, to chat in video mode.

Very light and easy to handle, Discord gives you the ability to share GIF, JPEG, and other files, it consumes few CPU resources and does not alter your game parts, so you can you skype. Thanks to its clear interface, you can manage multiple servers, groups of players, guilds and voice quality is exceptional.

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