Download EureKalc For Mac OS

Download EureKalc For Mac OS


Developed by Nico Hirt, EureKalc facilitates numerical and symbolic calculus. It is a Mac OS compatible application that solves problems in mathematics, engineering, physics. In fact, EureKalc was created to help solve problems.

A simplifier of calculation

Thanks to EureKalc the search for constant values ​​in the tables will be done more simply, it will no longer be possible to transcribe the statements in a word processor and add formulas and development from an equation editor.
In the new version of EureKalc you have the display of the equations presented in a known algebraic formula, it is possible to make calculations of physical quantities with units, tools of symbolic calculation.

Calculation of numbers

With EureKalc it will be possible to make calculations of numbers and lists of numbers, calculations on physical quantities, to present the results of calculations carried out on tables or graphs; to determine variables and functions, and to use them in calculations, to manage and use collections of physical constants, to write equations in a known algebraic language, to convert equations with the rules of algebra, d export the calculation pages in PDF, a spreadsheet.
EureKalc allows you to do a simple job because you will not need to use multiple tools at once. Troubleshooting will be easier now with EureKalc.

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