Download Facebook For Windows 10

Download Facebook For Windows 10




Facebook is an application that allows you to find friends, discuss various topics, consult and make friends around the world. The application offers you an easy-to-use main window because it brings together all the features. You will be able to easily access the notifications, the list of connected friends, read your personal messages. This application is now available on PC through an emulator of Android and iOS applications called Bluestacks.

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Possibility to publish statutes with Facebook, comment on publications or photos of other users. Note that when a new notification arrives, you are notified by an alert. To easily take the application in hand, you have several application tools that you can use. It is possible to customize the menu, disable some features so that the ones you use the most can be displayed on the screen.


For example: the requests of friends, the pokes, the messages etc … thanks to Facebook you will be able to see the photos, the albums photos of other users. In addition, you can take photos with your mobile phone or camera and upload the photos to Facebook for publishing.

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Facebook can also be used professionally to advertise your business, to offer items for sale to promote any item. Downloaded free, this application is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista …


How to install Facebook on a PC?

Thanks to Bluestacks, it is possible to install Android applications on PC and if you want to install Facebook on your computer, you must start with download Bluestacks and install it. once installed, type the name of the application and download it. Finally launch Facebook after its installation to discover the comments or notifications your notifications.

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