Download Fortnite For Windows 10

Download Fortnite For Windows 10


Fortnite is an action-packed, massively multiplayer fighting game because it brings together several players who fight until the strongest wins.

The game starts when you are parachuted by a helicopter into a war zone on a closed island and from which it is almost impossible to flee. You have to wait until the end of the game to hope to breathe.

Exterminate your opponents

The only way to escape is to shoot all that breathes or you will be targeted by formidable opponents who are waiting for that!

Want to survive?

Start by building forts, assemble weapons and ammunition, create alliances and deceive your allies at the last moment to remain the only survivor.

Epic Games offers two game modes

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite was released was first introduced in several projects with different game modes with unique gameplay and a unique game engine. In the game modes you have Fortnite: Save the world, which is nothing but a cooperative, to survive and shoot with more than four players ready to fight against zombies to protect objects with forts that they are able to build.

You also have Fortnite Battle Royale the most famous grind that plunges the player into a royal battle. This game mode can accommodate more than 100 players who clash in places that shrink as and until there remains only one survivor.
Fortnite Save the World is available on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Mac OS Xbox One and Fortnite Battle Royale is available on Nintendo Switch and iOS mobiles without forgetting Android. Big production, Fortnite Battle Royal has been played by more than 125 million Internet users and highly appreciated.

Fortnite Save the World

This is a game in which, you face an environment with a team of four players who perform different missions but to achieve a common goal. It all starts after a storm has decimated most of the population and led to the zombie invasion of the area.

In this game you have to embody base camp commanders, gathering the resources you need to survive, save people who have not been bitten by zombies, protect your equipment that is essential for harvesting information about the dead. data or block the storm.

Moreover, while you play, you receive objects such as characters, drawings to build your weapon, survivors, traps. And these elements can be improved when you accomplish your mission successfully.

Fortnite Battle Royal

This is a royal battle game in which 100 players compete on a field that is reduced as and until and only one player remains. Players play alone or in teams of two or four players.

In the beginning, fighters are dropped by a Battle bus that moves on a game card. Dropped on the map with other players you have to search for weapons, resources, not to get shot, then that other fighters are attacking you. And while you fight the size of the map shrinks because of a storm coming in. And players who are not in the safe zone can be exterminated by the storm. This forces the survivors to join smaller spaces and form teams, and the surviving or surviving team will be declared the winner.

Note that games allow you to use a pickaxe to destroy the walls that exist on the map to collect resources such as bricks, steel, wood. These resources will allow you to build a fortress to protect you (wall, floors, stairs …) you can also modify them to add other objects such as windows, doors.

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