Download Me, ugly and naughty For Windows 10

Download Me, ugly and naughty For Windows 10


Me, Moche et Méchant is a game in which you have to run as fast as you can and surprise the super villain Gru by eliminating your opponents. And thanks to this extermination you will gain the best Minion. This mobile game at the base is proposed to you to spend good moments also on a PC thanks to Bluestacks.

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Evolve in this 3D game by scrolling horizontally, vertically while avoiding the traps and traps scattered in every corner of your race by dodging sideways to the roulades and your legendary jump. You have to get the most bananas and unlock other accessories. Finally, collect the bonuses massed along your way to be unbeatable momentarily to parade the Gru master rocket or to pick up the plush unicorn and beat the boss level more easily.

In Me, Moche and Méchant you will find exotic fruits to prepare good jam, jump, run, in several delusional quests. You will also make mistakes during several missions in several mythical places like Labo Gru, Super Silly Fun Land, El Macho’s Den, Minions Beach. To go so fast in Me, Moche and Méchant you must use weapons and Power-ups. Exterminate El Macho, Vector, the Vilaintriloquist and other exceptional villains.

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You can also play in secret areas, fight against the bad guys and serve you power-ups. Me, Moche and Méchant offers several animations, several camera angles, paths, destroy the mega minion, hang on the Rocket Gru, fly to the moon. This game gives you the opportunity to play with your friends to see who has achieved the highest score during your race. You can send them funny jokes and confront them to show that you will be the best Minion.


How Me, Ugly and Naughty Translation on a PC?

To install Me, Ugly and Naughty on your PC, you must download and install Bluestacks . After installing it, you have to search for Me, Ugly and Naughty and run it to start playing freely.

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