Download Smultron For Mac OS

Download Smultron For Mac OS



With Smultron developers will be able to create any website, write notes or do other tasks. Smultron is a simple publisher, accessible free and complete. Beside big names such as BBedit that are paying, Smultron is one of the easiest and most free software.

Smultron offers line numbers, syntax highlighting, compatibility with several languages ​​namely: CSS, C ++, PHP, HTML, auto-completion, code snippet and the possibility to have a view on the Navigator.

Smultron offers a clear and easy-to-use interface that provides access to the left panel that gives you the ability to surf quickly between multiple documents. It is possible to save the documents in project. Smultron works as an external editor, as is common with FTP clients, it supports synchronization with service.Mac giving the possibility to work with identical preferences on different PCs.

Smultron is also equipped with a powerful search module, making it easy to find different files saved on the computer. With this option you have a data replacement system that can be applied to multiple documents at the same time.
Smultron gives you the ability to process documents and display them as an HTML page. You will be able to zoom on the document in order to consult in a detailed way, the document. In Smultron you also have a module that allows you to save data on the cloud. With this advantage, you can view edited files with any device with an internet connection.
Thanks to Smultron you can write code that can be colored in a different way. There are many options to search for words and lines to find the code. In addition, Smultron allows you to split the window in half to compare two documents.

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