Download Subway Surfer For Windows 10

Download Subway Surfer For Windows 10

Subway Surfer is an action game with animated graphics. With Bluestacks it is now possible to install and play this mobile application on a PC. Very easy to play, it does not require that the machine is powerful to launch.

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In this game you play as a runner who has to run on the rails of a subway in order to escape the police who chases him. You can use one of three characters: Tricky, Fresh, Jake, Subway Surfer offers you.


In Subway Surfer you must collect points while fleeing the police. You can use several tools such as jetpacks or you can use super sneakers to gain more. In the game you have several traps (trees, bumps, trains, tunnels, subways, gates) which aim to slow you down in your race.

To avoid them you must jump, slide, run as long as possible by amassing coins to get power-ups like the hoverboard, special shoes to advance quickly.

Subway Surfer has a module dedicated to sharing that allows you to share your maximum scores on social networks such as Facebook; you must also be called to accept challenges that will be thrown at you. With the pieces you can get other characters. To have them you have to buy them in the game’s integrated shop.

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In addition, Subway Surfer offers you a French interface that makes it easy to get started with the game. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, this game is available for free.


How to install Subway Surfer on a PC?

Subway Surfer can be installed on a PC in previously downloading Bluestacks . Once downloaded, you can install it to download Subway Surfer by typing the name in the search tool and install it for free use.

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