Download WhatsApp For Windows 10

Download WhatsApp For Windows 10


WhatsApp is a mobile instant messaging client that allows you to chat with your friends for free.

Update: WhatsApp has released the official software (.exe), we have updated the download links on this page. Links also available for Mac lower.

Operating only on mobile it is possible to install this application available on a PC with bluestacks, an emulator capable of running Android and iOS mobile applications on PC.

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Once installed on your computer you must enter your phone number. An SMS containing your personal code will be sent to your mobile phone. Insert it in the indicated field of the application. Then WhatsApp will analyze your contacts and will proceed to the export of these contacts in WhatsApp in order to create a new list of contacts.

WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to chat with your friends, so you can send and receive text messages, choose the contacts you want to chat with.

No need to connect or disconnect

You can enrich your conversations with emoticons and animations made available to you in the application, you can leave messages to your contacts when they are absent and they will be able to read when they are online. There is no need to log in or out because the application uses the PUSH system that keeps you reachable at all times. As a result, you do not need a login to log in or out.

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In addition, you have the opportunity to meet your friends and family to discuss with them in a single discussion interface by creating a discussion group that you can name and customize with a photo. It is therefore possible to invite as many members to discuss, laugh, exchange photos, videos, images, drawings freely. This newsgroup can also be used to announce events without you having to travel to inform them.

WhatsApp also offers you to share voice messages, receive relevant images from your friends all for free because you just need a Wifi, 3G / EDGE internet connection. Easy to use, WhatsApp offers a clear and easy to use interface.


How to install WhatsApp on a PC?

Update: WhatsApp has released the official software (.exe), we have updated the download links on this page.


The installation of WhatsApp on a PC must begin with the download and installation of Bluestacks . Then start searching and downloading WhatsApp from Bluestacks. Once this is done you will be able to use WhatsApp on your computer with ease.

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