Download Wraparound For Mac OS

Download Wraparound For Mac OS



Wraparound is an application for Mac that allows you to move the mouse cursor from one edge to another of the screen to not explore the entire screen. In the settings you can change everything, especially the edges of the screen that will be active, use the keys to start or stop the function temporarily. Wraparound can play an important role when you are unable to access the menus and icons on the menu bar.

In most cases, graphic designers or webdesigners use two screens to work on a desk. But regardless of the size of their screens, they often have difficulties when it is necessary to browse the screen with the mouse to switch from one monitor to another which can be tedious.

Highly customizable

Now with the solution brought by Wraparound things can become simpler and make your screens sticky. So you can save time. For starters, you have the option to configure Wraparound so that your pointer can bounce off the opposite edge when you have stopped it. You can also easily navigate the screen from one place to another. And this facility extends to passing windows and other objects on another screen. You will be able to try through the Preferences to discover the behavior that suits you. You have the ability to determine which edges of the screen you want to see permeable to Wraparound, determine keyboard shortcuts to enable or disable all edges, set sensitivity, resource consumption, stop Wraparound in sides to a number of defined pixels.

With Wraparound you can choose the applications you want to work with Wraparound. From there you can choose to launch all the applications, stop the applications inserted in the list, stop all the apps except those added to the list. Finally, Wraparound can be programmed to start at startup. Download Wraparound.

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