Download Zombie Tsunami For Windows 10

Download Zombie Tsunami For Windows 10


Zombie Tsunami is a racing game available on mobile. In this game you have to put together several pieces on your way to go as far as possible. This Android game can also be played on your PC thanks to Bluestacks. In Zombie Tsunami it is not only a question of collecting the pieces, but also of recovering human brains.

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Assemble bonuses and brains, purchase other props

In Zombie Tsunami you have to run right and left in a huge city. In the skin of a zombie you must eat as many people as you can. These people will then turn into zombies and the more you manage the zombies, the easier it will be to move forward. But you must pay attention to the traps placed on your way: cars, crevasses, mines, helicopters and to avoid them, you just have to jump.


Collect as many coins and brains as you can to redeem them for bonuses at an integrated store. It will also be possible to increase the number of zombies in order to have other clothes to dress your watches or improve your skills in real time. When you achieve the best score you will be rewarded and you will benefit from more coins. It will also be possible to buy coins with real money.

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In this game you are entitled to several bonuses on your way to make you more powerful and you can go further. Enter this adventure where zombies break everything in their path, several balloons for them to fly.


Know that as you advance the holes become larger and you will not have enough time to react and the game becomes darker. Zombie Tsunami offers impressive sound effects and graphics. Finally in Zombie Tsunami you have more than 300 missions to complete

How to install Zombie Tsunami on a PC?

Zombie Tsunami is an application that you can run on your PC to play zombie. But first and foremost download and install Bluestacks . Once installed you must search Zombie Tsunami and run it then start playing on your PC.

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